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New products overview

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New products overview 2013 (PDF, 12 Mb)

New products overview
2013 (PDF, 12 Mb)

«HSN»: knitted wear

Company «HSN» produces upper knitted clothes, underwear, polar fleece products.

Upper knitwear


Polar fleece products

Upper knitwear


Polar fleece products

Knitted goods are manufactured at modern knitting machines of 5 and 6 gauge (for headwear - 8410 gauge). Goods are made of half-wool yarn (compound: 30% 4 wool, 70% 4 mixed synthetic material.
Sweaters and jumpers for men with shirt sleeves are made of double-throw yarn by tight combined weave. To protect articles from rubbing and to use them for longer period articles have fabric parts: shoulder pieces, shoulder-strap and elbow pieces. Articles protect human body from thermal discontinuity.

Samples of knitted stitch
Samples of knitted stitch  Samples of knitted stitch  Samples of knitted stitch

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